Here’s How to Pose for Your Wedding Photos

If you are the one who daunting of taking thousands of wedding photographs, then you`re not alone. Being a professional model, you are probably familiar with the experience of standing in front of a camera for long hours. So the question is – how an effective stance can be made that can be framed or put in your wedding album? It is an honor for us that many companies in columbus ohio come to us for photography.

Here is some simple yet effective posture guide and look completely natural in your wedding photography.

Find Your Best Side

The face is not symmetrical for both the side, you probably have one a bit better. Make sure to find the best side of your face that makes your picture gorgeous with the help of photographs. Try posing in selfies with your face tilted in each direction to find the best side of your face, consider the posturewith your best side.

Contour Your Face

A great picture comprises of photographic angles – a photograph when taken while looking into the camera flattens out your natural ones, eliminating the shadow your face contour. This doesn’t mean that your pictures looks will not look stunning in a straight-on shot, but a slight tilt of your chin and turn off your cheek makes your face look more chiseled if you don`t have exceptionally pronounced bone structure.

Mind Your Chin

In order to make the appearance of round or oval face slimmer, slightly angle down your chin. However, if you have a prominent forehead, slightly life your chin up to create a balance. Regardless of the shape of your face and chin angle, push your face a little forward towards a camera. The object closest to the camera is likely to appear bigger, pushing your face a little forward slim your body appearance. Alternatively, you can suggest a photographer to slightly overhead the angle to produce the angle without any efforts of you.

Smile Naturally

Another key for getting appealing photographs is to smile in every photograph like you do in your real life. Your cheeks puff out and eyes get squint, when you smile largely. Instead, you rehearse calming your face, disclosing your mouth slightly, and think of moments that make you smile or remember about someone who makes you happy.

Use Your Tongue

Pushing your tongue against the roof of your mouth adds an appeal to your photograph. This is a kind of awkward feeling poses, helps in elongating your neck while reducing the appearance of a double chin. Before posing, practice ahead of time to ensure it doesn’t look weird at the time of the photograph.”


One of the famous American television personality Tyra Bank highlighted the term as shorthand for smiling with your eyes – and it works! You know the smile turn – your eyes squint, the corner up and your look slightly up. Whereas, when you pose to replicate the look with non-smiling shots, results will more – approachable, happy look, even with non-smiling mood.

Accentuate Your Arms

The procedure to pose your arms is avoiding them reaching your body in order to smush it with a torso, making the photographs wider than they truly are. Putting the arm closest to the camera on your hip to accentuate your waist and slim your arm is one of the flattering poses – just ensure to tuck your elbow so it points behind you and not against your side. If finding too posed? Make sure your arm are lifted slightly off your body or hold the person`s arm next to you to conceal your arm together.

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